Favorite Authors Booklists

Some of us choose books by general categories such as fiction or non-fiction, others narrow it down to specific literary genres, and other choose books based upon their favorite authors. It is to this last group of readers that we dedicate this page. Once you decide who is the best author of the year, you doggedly pursue every piece of writing by that author. Thanks for your dedication and author loyalty. Here at Purdybooks, we have decided to dedicate an entire literary category just for you. Here is our list of the best authors of all time. Select your favorite, and you’ll be taken to a page of literary paradise where you’ll be able to select new books by your favorite authors:

  • Books by Charles Dickens
  • Books by Stephen King
  • Books by John Grisham
  • Books by Michael Crichton

Charles Dickens

Books by Charles Dickens Dickens lovers are in for a treat. It’s easy to find lists of books BY Charles Dickens. But this list includes books by Dickens, about Dickens and based on Dickens novels. So even when you run out of Charles Dickens books, you can continue reading nonfiction Dickens books, Dickens parodies, Dickens …

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